Friday, April 1, 2016

We Interupt Cuba to Bring you Breaking News...

Hello readers. A couple of weeks ago we had a call from Airbnb telling us Conde Nast Traveler magazine was interested in our story. We had a really enjoyable hour-long interview with Mark Ellwood, a renowned journalist "British-born, New York-based Mark Ellwood is a journalist who specializes in writing smartly about stupid things." Perfect for us. He did a masterful job of taking our ramblings and creating a really special story that we wanted to share since it is hot off the press! Here's the link:

I will get back to our blog this weekend - wrapping up Cuba and catching up with our latest adventures in Santa Fe, New Mexico and France. We are currently in Aix en Provence.

Thanks for following along,

Debbie and Michael Campbell
The Senior Nomads


  1. Your link doesn't work: "Page Not Found

    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we could not find the requested page. The link you've selected may be broken, or a page that was once here may no longer exist. Please visit our homepage and try again."

  2. You two are amazing! My husband and I just booked our first Airbnb and are looking forward to many more! Btw, the link does work, just make sure the final "g" is part of the URL.

  3. Wonderful article. You two are an inspiration.

  4. Hope you post a picture of your new tattoo!

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