Friday, February 5, 2016

Heading to Cuba!

 Michael and I head to Cuba for three weeks tomorrow morning! We are so excited about exploring that amazing island - and we're going to do it by bus! We've got 5 Airbnbs lined up in different cities and they all look very interesting. Our first stay will be with a Sylvio & Julia, Airbnb hosts from Havana we met at the Airbnb Open in Paris last November. Their home looks beautiful - and as with all the others, we will eat our meals there with other guests.

We are both looking forward to a lull in internet connection and cellphone coverage. We have plenty of reading and writing to do - but we also plan on slipping into the past and enjoying some "island time". 

Sylvio & Julia spoke on the Keynote stage ahead of us, right after Airbnb announced their successful launch in Cuba. Currently there are over 3,000 listings there! Here's a great article from Fast Company that summarizes how it happened way better than I could!

I had so much to say about Mexico that I am still working on that blog! Should be out as soon as I have a good internet connection! We look forward to sharing that experience and our Cuban adventures after we get back on the 26th of February.

Debbie and Michael Campell
The Senior Nomads


  1. My parents have just come back from Cuba and they loved it!
    They were definitely not prepared for the lack of connection to the rest of the world however.
    I hope you guys really enjoy it :)

  2. Check out this blog . Looks like a neat place to visit in Cuba. This woman and her partner are sailing all over, so you will have something in common if you are able to meet up. Enjoy! Wish I could travel like you are!

  3. A Cuban friend recommended to me a couple restaurants worth mentioning, La Sansoniere (Vedado) and La fontana in (Miramar) check them out!