Saturday, November 14, 2015

We are Safe in Paris

A black ribbon on the door of our nearest boulangerie.

Thank you to our readers who have been concerned about us. We are safe and so is our daughter and her family. This is such a sad day in Paris.

The Airbnb Open experience was so uplifting and our presentations went well - we even got a standing ovation from the big stage, so today's post was meant to be so different.

As the evening was wrapping up the 5,000 attendees were encouraged to go out and experience the real Paris. Explore a new neighborhood - meet up with new friends at a bar or over dinner. Who knew two hours later mayhem would be unleashed.

Please pray for the citizens of Paris and around the world who are suffering from violence and terror.

Thank you.

Debbie and Michael
The Senior Nomads


  1. Thank you for letting us know. Praying for Paris. Weeping for Paris.

  2. I am in total shock over the events in Paris. That was the intention of the perpetrators, obviously, and the whole world is reeling from the carnage and horror. I am so glad you learn that you are all right. I'm having trouble keeping myself from crying. :-(

  3. Thank you for posting Michael and Debbie. It's so dreadfully sad. I have a friend living in Paris and knew several more friends visiting this week - so grateful that everyone has checked in safe. Thinking of you.

  4. Thank you for letting us know that you are safe. Such a sad day for our world.

  5. Heard you talk on Friday at the Open - love your story! Just checking out your blog for the first time. We live in Paris and went out with a group of Airbnb hosts about 500m from the shootings - we were all safe in the end. So in the spirit of belonganywhere we had an 8 person "Airbnb dinner" on Saturday at our place. That meeting changed myself and my husband in such a short period. Thank you for telling your story!

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