Friday, January 9, 2015

Nomads by the Numbers

After a year and a half on the road, Michael took some time today, to recap our journey by the numbers. The results surprised us!

 It's been 550 days since we left Seattle in July 2013. We’ve visited 28 countries, and 55 cities. We've stayed in 40 different Airbnb apartments for a total of 360 nights. The other 190 nights we stayed with family and friends (thank you all), including 10 nights in hotels and 2 forgettable nights in hostels.

When you put it all together, we have slept in 60 different beds. A few were soft. A few were hard. 90% of them were just right. To keep our sanity wherever we lay our heads we have our own 2 pillows! And not to be forgotten, I have managed to cook some great meals in 52 different kitchens.

To get from place to place we've boarded 24 flights on 13 different airlines. Some better than others. We’ve traveled by train or bus in 11 countries and taken so many Underground and Metro journeys that it’s impossible to count them all. Between walking tours, shopping, errands and sight seeing and endless airport terminals, we've walked at least 1,520 miles. For many of those miles we hauled our 2 large rolling duffle bags (thank you REI), and our 2 day packs. In those day packs are 2 laptops, 2 cell phones, 2 Kindles and 1 iPad.

We have used the Euro in 16 countries. We've calculated the exchange for 12 other currencies including the Bosnian Mark, British Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Croatian Kuna, Danish Krone, Irish Pound, Lithuania Litas, Moroccan Dirham, Norwegian Krone, Swedish Krona and the Turkish Lira.
In most every country we’ve purchased a new SIM card for our iPhones which means each of us has had 22 different phone numbers
Wherever possible, Michael has attended football matches - and they have been a highlight! He's made it to 12 matches from the Netherlands to Bosnia and from Barcelona to Copenhagen. Personally, I go out for a lovely dinner.

One final number that’s worth sharing has given us as much pleasure as anything we have done. The number is 75. That’s the number of books we've read between us!

We have too many blessings to count, but the numbers all add up to 2 very happy Nomads

Debbie and Michael Campbell (46th blog)
Senior Nomads


  1. I wonder what your budget has been?

  2. a wonderful story to share with the world!!

  3. Wonderful post! While some may think quatifying your journey is not the way to go, it is one more way of viewing your journey! And what a journey it is. Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  4. Christine asks a good question - it would be interesting to see some numbers with $ signs in front of them.