Monday, September 9, 2013

Let no Wall go Uncovered!

This post is a little out of sequence, but as I was reviewing the 1,467 photos on my phone I came across these images that I'd meant to post earlier. Now I need some serious delete time!

When we were in Quiberon on the Brittany coast with Greg's family we stayed in the guest wing of Mary's mother-in-law's mother's home. It was a spacious apartment above the garage that was added in the early sixties - and near as I can tell, rarely touched since.

Every room had a different wallpaper! I took some shots of the various patterns both in our apartment and in Madame Gottchalk's. The place was great and had a lot of character.

The entryway

The staircase to the apartment

The bathroom glass tiles

Our bedroom - I still see this pattern in my sleep

Entry way to the main house

Main house living room

Apartment living room

Kitchen tile


  1. Hello. I am enjoying your wonderful blog, starting from the beginning so as not to miss anything. These wallpapers (not my scene) are stunning and are just like the much-prized vintage arts and crafts movement ones that have been reproduced in the 21st century at great cost.

    Right, back to your travels......

  2. Glad you shared these.... Its funny how wallpaper can take you back in time and reminds me of Finding Neverland with Johnny Depp. Plus my great grandmother had wallpaper all throughout her home as well.... Great memories of her...