Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Farewell to Amsterdam

We had a full two weeks of living like the locals here. I could stay here forever ... such a great city. We were able to get around by bicycle most of the time - that really helped get us acclimated to life here. Even though our lives were in danger at all times,we persevered and by our last ride into the center of town yesterday, we were bobbing and weaving and ignoring red lights with the best of them.

We did have a couple of near misses - but the best one was on our way to Haarlem for a day trip. We got off the train a stop too early, and realized we had just a few seconds to get back on the train to make our destination. Michael stuck his bike wheel in the doors to stop them from closing so we could get back on. The doors had other ideas and locked Michael's front wheel in a vice like grip! Whistles are blowing and this train is leaving ... at the last minute a fuming conductor stormed down the platform and was able to push enough buttons that the doors opened. The bike was freed, the Campbell's admonished and the train moved on with us sheepishly, but safely back aboard. 

      Outside a bakery near Al & Jenny's old house

Mayor McGuinn would swoon!

We've had some great highlights during our stay here. A trip to The Hague, the Haarlem bike outing, dinner with friends at their home in Leiden, tons of walking and riding the city. Cooking local. Eating cheese. A day at the Rijks museum and some great stops for coffee.Michael had a great evening in a smoky pub watching the Netherlands National Team play Estonia in a World Cup qualifier. He had a blast and made some new friends. Of course.

A great city for meandering walks

The weather continued to cooperate for most of our stay with plenty of sunny days. The rains arrived yesterday and now it really feels fall like outside. Makes me think Copenhagen will be a bit on the cool side, but that's our next stop starting today. We are packed up and ready for our next adventure!

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