Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Coffee and a Danish

This blog is a little late considering we leave for Stockholm  tomorrow! Here's the latest:

We flew from Amsterdam to Copenhagen on Wednesday the 11th. We took the city bus completely across town to our new neighborhood - about a 45 minute, very affordable sightseeing tour.  Our owner was here to great us. She's a character!

Once again, airbnb.com served us well. We are in a great apartment in the 'hip' part of town. The entire street we live on seems to be one unique coffee shop ethnic take-out, vintage clothing store, bar, bike shop or funky boutique after another - and just a beautiful 20 minute bike ride into the center of the city. Great weather most every day.

Here's the link to the apartment:  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1348732  It's even better than it looks - and the kitchen is loaded with every thing a girl could want to cook with.

We have committed to taking things easy on travel days. No rushing around to catch trains and planes! Plus after lugging our two big suitcases, backpacks and other bits and pieces up and down and all around we are ready for a rest. We usually find the closest store and get a few basics for breakfast or snacks and then find a place to eat. We had delicious take-out salads that first night.

We are also out of the Euro zone so we're back to doing some good old fashioned currency conversion. At first I panicked when I saw things priced in the hundreds until I realized 100 Danish Krone was about $20.00

We've done lots of walking and biking and feel we know the city fairly well after two weeks. It is truly beautiful and stately with many parks and lovely open spaces dotted throughout the center. We took a three hour walking tour that helped us get oriented and get some sense of the history.

Michael advertising Nephew David's record store!
Standing in front of just one archway that leads into an extensive labyrinth of 2 x 2s in
the middle of The King's Park. It is a temporary sculpture that encourages people to find
space within the wooden swirls for music, picnics, and contemplation.
What do you do with feet that have spend days dodging cyclists and wobbling along cobblestones? I chose to indulge my inner Pisces and gave my peds a lovely going over by two hundred hungry little fish. They feverishly nibbled away my dry skin and apparently excreted some sort of 'magic fish spit' that cures foot fatigue. And that was true ... but they had me at putting my feet in a fish tank!

fish meet feet
Michael was able to attend a football match nearby to watch the Kobenhvn Football Club take on another Danish team. He made new friends and really enjoyed the night. Later in the week we went to an Irish Pub to watch the same team play against Juventus of Italy in a Champion's League match. Fun night complete with Guinness Beef Stew with Mash.

A beautiful night for a local match

A Danish beer run!
Later in our stay we were ready to slow down so we bought a jigsaw puzzle. Great therapy at a great price. We are going to try and do puzzle in each destination. This must be the 'Senior' part of Nomads!

I got my market fix. Copenhagen's wonderful indoor / outdoor marketplace reminded me of Granville Island in Vancouver. It's open everyday and late into night on the weekends for shopping, coffee, cocktails and great food truck fare. I never really got a handle on Danish cuisine (a fear of pickled fish perhaps?) But we ate some great Pakistani, Turkish and Indian food.

Delicious Pakistani Samosas. Full of 'just right' spice. 
We finished our last day with a beautiful evening bike ride along the waterfront. It was cold and crisp and lit with a full moon. Where the bike trail ended we were very close to a HUGE cargo ship.  Michael looked it up on his Shipfinder app and found out it was the Majestic Maersk - a Danish ship running 1300 feet long and 190 feet wide!

Michael is 1/2 Danish and 1/2 Portuguese so it was interesting to be in Denmark - but Michael was not among his people. He did not get the good looking blonde, blue-eyed, tall genes from his father's side, although he is very handsome and has some Viking tendencies. He will fit right in in Lisbon with the other 1/2.

Sorry for the lack of photos ... my iPhone was stolen along with my Kindle last week, but that's another story.

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  1. Love this post! Sorry about the old iPhone & kindle. I'm sure by now you're on to bigger and better.