Friday, August 16, 2013

Rotary Paris Style

I should have mentioned in my previous post that Michael and I attended Rotary Club in Paris at a lovely event facility just a quite Metro ride away in a park. It was called Pavillon Dauphine.

 I am sure the program was excellent - if you speak French, but that aside it was a very different cultural experience on several other levels. Starting with lunch at $90. each. That probably explains the 4 bottles of wine per table (more if needed) and  the lovely four course meal with Cognac and coffee after dessert. Not your salmon or fruit plate for this crowd!

We didn't realize it would be such a leisurely affair and assumed the first course was lunch. Mr. Campbell was sad that it was Smoked Salmon with Blini and Caviar (for his $90) but he was consoled by the wine. But wait! Then came perfect duck breasts with a delightful prune sauce, a lovely potato gratin dauphinois, and a perfect little pile of Haricot Vert with lemon and butter sauce followed by Peach Melba.

Michael and I were introduced as visitors and were duly acknowledged. For at least the first twenty minutes I was the only woman in the room of 100 members other than those serving or administrating, and at 57, I was close to being the youngest!  Then a lady member arrived and joined our table who spoke English. Thank God. 

We sat with some members who seemed to have been in the club since it's inception in 1927. It is the oldest and largest club in France.

Michael sat next to a lovely gentlemen named Cecil Kpenou, a retired diplomat from Benin (West Africa.) He semi translated the program regarding arbitration vs the court system. Could have been boring either way -better to focus on the duck!

We will continue to attend Rotary meetings in our travels and keep you posted.


  1. Great culture experience trying them out while traveling

  2. Love your humor! This was hilarious & I love how you find something that is all over the world & connect there.